ATEVAL is the Association of Textile Businesses of the Region of Valencia, whose main purpose is to defend and represent the common interests of companies in the Valencian textile industry.

Founded on 6 May 1977, it was the first association in Spain to be registered in the Statutes Deposit Office of the Ministry of Labour.

Our work is based on observing, listening and acting, and this has allowed us to establish ourselves as the undisputed spokesperson for the industry vis-à-vis entities, institutions and administrations.
Our main values are customer focus, professionalism, rigour, cooperation, commitment, illusion, innovation, efficiency and productivity.

We currently have over 300 member companies.

Our main objective isto help our associates to be more efficient in their business models, save costs, receive professional advice and institutional and commercial support.


Visión Ateval


Lead and drivethe transformation process of the VALENCIAN TEXTILE CLUSTER, acting as a benchmark entity that generates, promotes and manages innovation and internationalization in the business world.

Visión Ateval


Promote and project ongoing company development through innovation, internationalization and cooperation as driving forces for competitiveness and for generating new business opportunities.

Visión Ateval


Professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm. ATEVAL was born in 1977 with a clear mission: to be the indisputable spokesperson between the Valencian textile industry and public and private entities, institutions and public administrations.