Management system policy

The ATEVAL Management establishes the following Policy statement and undertakes to disseminate it, enforce it and monitor its compliance throughout the company and, as appropriate, to internal and external interested parties. The scope of the management system is Vocational Training for Employment. The limits of applicability of the systems are as follows:

  • C / Telers, 20 de ONTINYENT: associated activities carried out to comply with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • C/La Bola, 27 de MURO DE ALCOY: associated activities carried out to comply with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • Avda. del Textil, 54 de ONTINYENT: associated activities carried out to comply with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001

We stay ahead of the competition, satisfying and loyalty to our customers: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

Attract new students and retain existing ones, through a policy of total involvement of the company with their needs. Students place their trust in us and entrust us with information, which we have to manage and process through our Information Systems with full security guarantees. For this, the objective is to increase the client portfolio, achieve 0 training complaints and student data management, and a high degree of satisfaction measured through questionnaires.

We optimally manage resources and are profitable: CONTROL OF COSTS AND PROFITABILITY

Establish the appropriate mechanisms for the management of materials used in training and in the control of costs associated with the delivery of training activities, which allows increasing the economic-financial profitability ratios.

Changes, tension and conflicts are an opportunity for improvement: CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

Review the instruments that are being used to measure the quality of training and information security processes: internal audits, data analysis and management review. Resolve security and non-conformities incidents as quickly as possible, establishing corrective actions to prevent their recurrence.

Quality does not begin with the opening, nor does it end with the closing of the course: QUALITY OF TEACHING

Quality in the ATEVAL Training Department affects all phases of training planning: before the start of a course, immediately before the start of a course, during the course, at its end and after its completion.

Establish a teaching quality control system that allows obtaining information on the development of the training action in any of its phases through a system for collecting information and data that allows the analysis and comparison of the results obtained.

We reconcile work and personal life: PEOPLE COME FIRST BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN THEM

For ATEVAL it is very important to maintain a System that satisfies customers, but above all that facilitates work and communication within the company: our employees are our main customers because we believe in the maxim that a happy worker is a satisfied customer. That is why it will be easier for workers to adapt work to their personal life so that it is an important pillar for their personal and family stability, and never a problem.


The management undertakes to comply with the applicable legal requirements in matters of quality, provision of services and information security; as well as the implementation and maintenance of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.


Protect information against loss of availability, confidentiality and integrity. Protect information against unauthorized access.

Update date: 30/06/2023