The aim of the Life-reweart project is to generalize the use of proactive waste management in the design stage and draw up a new business model, with related services and tools which allow us, right from the design stage, to select materials and processes that are most suitable for creating a completely new kind of footwear product, 100% recycled and organic.

The Life-reweart project will demonstrate the concept of total recyclability of footwear and garments in an appropriate way, reusing them as components for the creation of new articles, making use of an advanced 3d configurator and incorporating b2c elements that give our initiative a viable lease on life that can be implemented globally with local manufacturing if required. All materials used for the project tests will be organic, free from chemicals and animal products, achieving a 100% organic, vegan, recycled product, with a minimum sales volume of 30,000 pairs in year one at the end of the project.

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