ATEVAL participates in numerous European projects. These are initiatives led by a European entity, public or private, aimed at solving a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity, with an international focus and the participation of other European partners.


  1. Free access to sectorial reports and studies prepared within the framework of innovation and internationalization projects.
  2. Free participation in networking meetings organized with other European entities.
  3. Support for joining European project consortiums and accompaniment throughout the project execution process.
  4. Direct access to similar European textile clusters to search for suppliers, partners, etc.
  5. Free participation in project activities.


Strengthen the Valencian textile sector by providing support for the innovation process, promoting green transitioning and digital transformation. Promote internationalization activities through access to new markets and business opportunities.


INNOVATION: Promote technological innovation and new business models as engines for growth and competitiveness of SMEs in the trade. Promote cooperation between partners and with other innovative systems.

INTERNATIONALIZATION: Promote internationalization of innovative SMEs within the cluster, facilitating access to international markets and global value chains through the establishment of technological and commercial partnerships.

COMPETENCIES: Accelerate strategic and technological capabilities and attract talent to drive innovation and competitiveness in the sector.

NETWORKING: Connect the cluster and its members through alliances and agreements with relevant organizations in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

MULTISECTORIALITY: Generate business and innovation opportunities with other sectors for the development of new products or services.

SUSTAINABILITY AND DIGITIZATION: Facilitate the transition to more sustainable models through digitization, innovation and internationalization.