Aid & Subsidy Management

We provide companies with the necessary information and advice to enhance the economic viability of their projects.

Our competitive advantage is that we can promote and publicize calls from numerous public bodies and open up direct communication channels with them.

Processing of Tax Deduction Files

Financing methods for companies through TAX DEDUCTIONS for R&D&I.

We managed to achieve reductions of:

  • 12% on company expenses in the design and definition of new collections..
  • 12% on expenses incurred for innovation projects.
  • From 25 to 42% on execution expenses for R&D projects.

Actions to Promote Competitiveness and Innovation


  • Business coaching workshops
  • Workshop programmes for the promotion of talent and training
  • Lean Manufacturing Programme
  • Training for and dissemination of new technologies


  • Encouragement for textile vocations in the face of industry 4.0 challenges
  • Analysis and design of proposals for the reduction of costs in electro-intensive textile industries
  • Valencian textile SMEs as benchmarks for the circular economy


  • Development of digital transformation models for the textile sector