Successful business mission in Mexico in the framework of TEXGLOBAL project

Apr 10, 2022 | International Promotion, Tex Global

TEXGLOBAL project (European Innovative Textiles go International: Innovative Global Value Chain Creation and Textile Global Markets Exploration), was in Mexico from March 28th to April 1st in its first business mission.

In the mission, 5 European clusters in the field of advanced textile materials participated:  NTT (Tuscany, Italy) as leader of the project, AEI Tèxtils (Catalonia, Spain) as leader of the mission, TECHTERA (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France), ATEVAL (Comunidad Valenciana, Spain) and CITEVE (Norte, Portugal). 9 companies joined the clusters’ representatives at the mission. 2 members from NTT, 3 from AEI Tèxtils, 1 from TECHTERA and 3 from ATEVAL.

During the first day of the mission, the participating SMEs had B2B meetings with Mexican companies and the partnership visited the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Textil of Instituto Politécnico Nacional in Ciudad de México. The visit concluded with the signature of a MoU.

The participants had the chance to discover the beautiful Ciudad de México thanks to Fondo Mixto de Promoción Turística in the evening.

The following day, CANAINTEX, National Chamber of Textile Industry in Ciudad de México, organized another B2B event. All the participants had the chance to meet Mexican companies in-person and virtually.

In the evening, participants travelled to Puebla, where, on the third day, the Secretary of Economy of the State of Puebla, invited them to a breakfast in a country club. During the meal, they were discussing synergies and common points to explore together.

Furthermore, the group was also invited to discover Ciudad Modelo, one of the strategic projects of the Government of the State of Puebla that represents an investment attraction node with cutting-edge design.

During the guided tour, the group learned that Ciudad Modelo was designed as a vision to be a socially inclusive space, with a high offer of social housing, equipment, and public services in attention to the inhabitants of San José Chiapa and the neighboring municipalities.

Next stop was at CIEN (Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Business Center). It is a space where government, companies, universities, and entrepreneurs can work together to generate ideas and projects.  In the meeting there was an introduction of CIEN and TEXGLOBAL. Some Mexican companies attended the event as well.

On the last day of the mission, SMEs had more B2B meetings with some Mexican companies which. Some of them also visited some potential clients at their factories.

Some TEXGLOBAL consortium members had a meeting with the Mexican Textile Cluster to discuss on the potential signature of a MoU. In the meanwhile, other members visited BUAP, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, one of the top 7 universities in México, which has a textile engineering department.

TEXGLOBAL project - Visit at BUAP
Visit at BUAP

TEXGLOBAL consortium rates the mission as successful which has enabled the participating companies the exploration of the Mexican market and, through the contacts made, foresees to build strategic alliances by the clusters and their members.

The general objective of the TEXGLOBAL project is to support the growth, the competitiveness and industrial modernization of European Textile enterprises in long run by enhancing its innovation capacity.

SMEs of European Textile sectors have to confront daily with an increasing competition. SMEs have to increasingly integrate their activities into global value chains by mean of new cooperation. A partnership composed of main Textile clusters in Europe will allow to provide SMEs with specialized business support services such as specific and strategical contacts from the target market, the organization of international study visits, partnering missions, matchmaking events and incoming events.

The activities of TEXGLOBAL project will support European SMEs to identify growth opportunities worldwide, raise their excellence and innovation capacities in a global ecosystem. Textile industry sustainability is based on the innovation process that bring to new products, applications, markets, production processes and services, and in this project will be transferred to SMEs the importance and, then the methodology, to find a right partner to develop, prototype and produce an INNOVATIVE GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE MATERIAL, PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

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