INNDIH - Valencia Region digital Innovation Hub


InnDIH represents the largest public-private collaboration effort in the Valencian innovation ecosystem, being one of the 12 Digital Innovation Centres selected in Spain. Funded by the Digital Europe programme and Next Generation funds under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, our mission is to drive the digital transformation of Valencian SMEs and companies, catalysing the future of the region’s business fabric.

In today’s world, digitalisation has become imperative for business success. The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) are one-stop-shops designed to accompany companies in their digital transformation. Although their presence is regional, they are connected through the extensive pan-European network, enabling the sharing of best practices, and providing specialised services that drive innovation.

InnDIH is the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) of the Valencian Region which, with the leadership of ITI, in collaboration with InnEurope DIH, represents the great centralised commitment to public-private collaboration where the business ecosystem, universities, technology and research centres, biotechnology-health research institutes and public administrations join forces to contribute to the digitisation of SMEs and boost the economic development of the Valencian Region.

We promote digital technologies and ensure that any company in the region has access to know-how, training, technologies, infrastructures, and laboratories to improve and accelerate its digitalisation process, improving its competitiveness and contributing to job creation.

InnDIH, as a consortium with solid experience and connections at European level, promotes the development and implementation of digital technologies in the priority sectors of Health and Quality of Life or Advanced Manufacturing, as well as in any other sector that requires these digital technologies. We bring a vast experience in offering digital solutions and services, highlighting Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with technologies such as HPC, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Robotics, applicable in a transversal way in various sectors.

INNDIH - Valencia Region digital Innovation Hub