EXTRATEX ClusterXchange to Czech Republic – Success Stories

Nov 2, 2021 | I+D+i

FOMENTEX have participated in the last EXTRATEX ClusterXchange that took place in the Czech Republic between the 20th and 24th of September. Càndid Penalba, CEO of COTOPUR a Valencian company that produces a vast range of high-quality mattresses and other related products,  took also part in this challenge to visit the Czech textile and clothing industry.

Take a look at some of their comments regarding this experience:

Pedro Gonçalves, FOMENTEX Spain

“Participating in this ClusterXchange in the Czech Republic allowed me to witness firsthand the vast innovative possibilities for this sector.

The effort that the Czech textile and clothing industry makes is noticeable, showing remarkable resistance, flexibility, adaptability, and capability to respond to the current challenges by continuously developing new technologies and unique products. This was, without a doubt, a fantastic experience for me and the SMEs that joined us in this Exchange, allowing them to get better access to knowledge and future collaborations.

I would like to commend the work done by CLUTEX by organizing this event. The program was well thought and diverse, and I hope the following events are as good as this one.”

Càndid Penalba, COTOPUR Spain

“Participating in The EXTRATEX ClusterXchange in the Czech Republic was indeed an enriching experience for me. 88km away from Prague, Liberec counts with numerous textile businesses offering high-quality design products and technical textiles that have changed the overall nature of the industry. The need to differentiate themselves from the competition by being creative, developing, and innovating in both procedures and products is something that we all should learn from the Czechs.

This event was perfect in every way, bridging the gaps and helping to create a space for effective communication between the various companies.

It has been an exciting experience in several aspects, from learning about the innovative ecosystem in the Czech Republic to the opportunity to establish contact with other participating companies. We have already initiated some contacts and hope to develop collaborations in the short term. Therefore, participating in these activities is very beneficial for companies and highly recommended.

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