Hi-Tech-TEX conduct CxC Activities 2023

Jul 17, 2023 | Hi-Tech-TEX, General



Hi-Tech-TEX – New sustainable and cross-sectorial value chains towards excellence in Hi-Tech Textiles to foster the uptake of innovation and increasing competitiveness.

Hi-Tech-TEX main objective is to strengthen cluster management excellence and facilitate exchanges and strategic partnering between clusters and specialized eco-systems and cities across Europe, including through implementation of the ClusterXchange mobility scheme.

Hi-Tech-TEX partnership integrates Portuguese Textile Cluster/ CITEVE (the coordinator), from Portugal, AEI TÈXTILS, from Spain; ATEVAL, from Spain; NTT, from Italy; DCC TTC, from Turkey; CLUTEX, from Czech Republic.


CxC ITMA 2023
The CxC ITMA 2023 took place in Milan, Italy, June 8-14. The world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition, ITMA highlights innovations that helps textile and garment manufacturers transform and grow their business.



The activities developed by this CxC allowed participants to interact with industry experts and different entities to get more knowledge. It also allowed the identification of new suppliers and the exploration of potential solutions for the participating companies, through exhibitors that presented the latest in textile technological machinery. The main result of this activities developed is the making contacts and potential future business partnerships.
The CXC of Hi-Tech-TEX was attended by participation of 31 SMEs, 2 clusters, 2 RTO, and 1 university representatives.



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